Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party
an exciting new dino birthday invitation!

Party Printables for a fun birthday theme + these wine labels!!!! I honestly love when parents have wine at a party, it just lightens the mood and an extra element of fun.
ooo and of course drink flags + beer labels too!
I had so much fun working on this party, the colors and patterns just pop!
Be sure to visit Party Box Design for more fun items!!!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Halloween Party Invites + FREE Halloween Printables
October is one of my favorite months,
sweater weather... anything and everything pumpkin spice!

I've designed some spooky fun Halloween invites this year,
so be sure to head over to Party Box Design and check them out!

You can purchase these at a printable file for $16.99 or printed and shipped!
PLUS... as always we have some fabulous FREE Halloween Printables!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Painting Concrete
Sooooo it's August, and still HOT here in Charleston, SC so instead of actually working on projects I am dreaming about them. Our front porch is in need of some major TLC... MAJOR!
However, my budget is itty bitty... best news, I found my solution.


I've been scouring pinterest trying to find the right idea and the picture above stopped me in my pinning tracks. IT'S PERFECT. Thank you Southern Living! Even the porch ceiling is haint blue.

Once upon a time, way back when in the deep South, many folks painted their porch ceilings a specific shade of blue to ward off evil spirits called "haints.
So neat right! Plus, that color blue is dreamy.

Oooo I am so excited, a new project on the horizon + budget friendly. Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Printable Wine Labels
As I have entered my mid 30's I have really developed a true love for red wine.
The funny thing is, I only used to drink white... is this a sign of getting old?!? HA!

With my love for wine, I have started designing more and more wine labels for social situations.
How fun are these book club wine labels?!?!

Ooooo and for your new neighbor! Perfect for a welcome to the neighborhood gift basket.
Also, a fun bridesmaid wine label....
The best part... you can order these from Party Box Design in either a printable file for only $8.99 or we print, cut and ship the labels to you! So exciting + budget friendly.

It is WINES-DAY afterall!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shark Party Ideas on a budget
I can't believe my baby boy is TWO. The days can be so long at times, but the last two years have literally flown by. My son Crew is a total water baby, or ahem TODDLER...
so a shark party was so fitting. This party was done on a serious budget, using mostly printables + creative shark party ideas.
The main attraction was certainly the food + drink table. I used a roll of brown paper and drew a shark fin + added some budget friendly plastic sharks from amazon as décor and cupcake toppers.

Another highlight... Ocean Water!
{Blue Hawaiian Punch + Sprite + Vanilla Ice Cream!}
So much cuter then a juice box, and the kids loved it.

I couldn't resist adding shark water bottle labels and of course some Landshark!

The dessert options were fun and affordable, blue jello cups + cupcakes + Swedish fish.
Simple and delish.
The take home favors were adorable!
Blue chocolate covered popcorn, using printable shark bag toppers. Literally print + cut + staple.

This party was just pure fun, where I didn't break the bank and style certainly wasn't compromised.
The colors and patterns are really bright and cheerful. Any busy mom out there can pull off this entire party with ease and no one will ever know!

You can find all these items at Party Box Design!
HOPING to have inspired some party loving Moms and Dads out there!

Happy first week of school y'all!
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Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to School Printables
Ooooo I can't believe the Summer is almost over!
I will say, I think I am pretty ready for Fall and some crisp weather.
However, I am NEVER ready for Winter. Sometimes I think we didn't move far enough South! HA

Anyhoooo... in the spirit of school starting, I couldn't help but design some fun

Totally affordable cuteness!!!! Be sure to share with your friends + family!
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Popcorn and Pajamas Party
I love when customers contact me and request custom invite + party décor designs! This might be my new favorite birthday party invite to date! If you have followed me for some time you know how much I love POPCORN, paired with PJ's ='s only the best party ever!!! OOOO and breakfast for dinner, yes PLEASE!

I designed these items, and couldn't help but blog about them. The awesome part, you can purchase these as printed items, or DIY printables! The water bottle labels are so fun right?!?

Also, the invite is pretty versatile and would really work for a variety of parties... movie night, sleepover party, girls weekend! Literally, the ideas are endless! 

I created some fun drink flags which you can see here!

Happy Sunday y'all, p.s. be sure to visit Party Box Design for all our updated invites + decor!
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