Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cocktail Tags...

As promised- MORE Pics!

Spooky kitty cat cocktail tags! Anyone who attends any of my events knows there will always be a signature cocktail! This year I am going with a spiced cider mixture, and felt this spectacular cocktail needed a nifty glass and of course- a tag!

I LOVE mason jars, I am drinking from one right now!!! They are multi use, and fantastically inexpensive! They also bring in a bit of charm, a warmth- you know what i mean?!?!

These cocktail tags will fit perfectly with the cupcake toppers(shown below)! Next on my list... the boo banner!

ps- shout out to my lovely husband who took charli paige with him as he ran some errands! Allowing this busy mama to get some crafty work done! Pin It


  1. I saw your feature on The Creative Party Place. What a CUTE party! LOVE it!
    And your blog...very nice. Keep up the excellent work...I know, it can get tiring, but it's worth it. :) I'll be back to see more. :)

  2. awww thanks so very much for your sweet comments!!!!

  3. I love your site! The party featured on Creative Party Place was amazing. How creative! I look forward to seeing anything new you post!

  4. Love the design of your blog. Just started to follow. Can't wait to see more.


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