Friday, October 23, 2009

CuPcAkEs & Then Some....

Well ladies and gents(?)... I am procrastinating- BIG time! The blogging world has taken me captive and there are far too many interesting blogs out there... seriously! So I have been "forced" to put my cupcake making self in time out! Time outs are based on age right... sooo hmmmmm how many minutes is that? lol!

The "big" party is this weekend and I need to make 48 cupcakes, and at least 25 candy apples- all with a 16 month old running around! Super easy right!

Anyhoo... hope everyone has a fab weekend and I promise to post pics of the party early next week!

PS- The WEBSITE is open for SHOP! Lots left to do, but custom items may be purchased!!! Pin It

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