Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome to Party Box Design!

If you are reading this post, then either you know me- or happened upon this blog accidentally(woohoo)! follow me-read on....

Within the pages of this blog you will find the trials and tribulations of starting a new biz, the glamorous life of mommyhood, fantastic recipes, cocktail creations, lots of cupcakes, and most of all- anything & everything party!

I am starting this blog and my new company because I can't resist my desire to conquer the event design world any longer, one little cupcake at a time! :) No, in all honesty... planning parties, hosting events, creating menus, and party decor is a passion- a true love. Stationary brings me such joy, it's sad I know! Beautiful card stock just sends me over the edge. Anything with damask- its just over!

My motivation for taking this giant leap... Charli Paige, my spunky pretty lil lady! I am sure you will see pics of her along the way, and lots of stories for sure. So rather then write a continued blog post... I shall write a small letter to my precious luv! One day my dear, you will understand why your mommy worked so hard to make her dreams come true!

Dear Charlotte-
From the moment you were in my belly, you reminded me everyday how hard it was going to be raising a child, from the pukyness I felt, to the sleepless nights. But what I didn't know at that time, was the joy you would bring to my life, the motivation you would give me, and the amount of love you could actually have for your child. I have only known you for 16 months, but the memories you have given me could fill a lifetime.

My bright light, I hope to give you the strength to live your life to its fullest and follow your biggest dreams!
Love, Mama Pin It

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