Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motivational Letter to ME...

Dear Jess,

You are going to make it! All those late nights, circles under your eyes, strong coffee- all worth it- because you are working towards your dream. Your dream of living your life to its fullest will come true. Keep pushing up that hill, reaching for what you know is well worth all the sweat and tears. Make your little girl proud and inspire others to follow their dreams!

Success after all is not an end result, it's a destination- one filled with personal growth and self worth. If you want something, then go get it! Follow your passions! You have one life- don't let it pass you by. Show Charli that you will continually jump the hurdles life throws at you, setting an example and giving her the tools to follow her very own dreams.

Find inspiration in her smile, in her laughter!

Move over Martha, this lady has got talent! Pin It


  1. you can do it jess!!!

  2. thank you for this letter!!! I'm printing it out for me!! .. I'm a fulltime architect , Mom and planning to start my own business too! wish me luck!


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