Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Already...

Gosh, Thanksgiving has really crept up on me- and Christmas is like a month away- ahhhhhh! No worries, as I am the most organized last minute hostess you will ever meet- seriously!

Sleep is definitely over rated- right!?! 1:00am table setting is super common!

Anyhoooo, my grocery shopping is complete- only a few last minute items need to be purchased- and the house, well that needs a bit of spiffing up. Example: The dining room table looks like a craft store threw up-lol! Party Box Headquarters, the dining room table! Thank goodness my assistant(hubby) will surely lend a helping hand!

Soooo what does any good hostess need to "assist" her through the holiday rush... a super fabulous cocktail!?! How about this one!

Pear and Cranberry Bellini, courtesy of Martha!

I also like a little mixture of grand marnier, rum, and apple cider! No set recipe, just make to your likings! I made this cocktail at my Halloween party and it was a hit!

Alright... off to clean up PBD Headquarters! Pin It

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