Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookies, Cooooookies, and MORE Cookies...

The 10 day countdown has begun... wow, seriously- only 10 Days until Christmas! Gosh, I still have so much to do- so M.U.C.H!

This weekend I am attending a fabulous cookie party and wanted to share these yummy finds! Since we are 10 days away, I figured I would do a big ole cookie spread. 10 Yummy options...

1. Peppermint Meringues with Chocolate Filling

2. Linzer Sandwiches

3. Candy-Stripe Cookie Sticks

4. Chunky Chocolate Gobs

5. Peanut Butter-Candy Bar Brownies

6. Cranberry-Pecan Rugalach

7. Chocolate Wedding Cookies

8. Cheesecake Swirl Squares

9. Key Lime Bars with Macadamia Crust

10. Bourbon Balls

Enjoy! ohhhh and P.S. Party Box Design has a giiiiive a waaay coming up!!! Stay tuned! Pin It



    I know. 10 days away. I'm ready though! I'm going to be a package-wrapping machine these next few days.

    Love your posts!!!

  2. Thanks lady! Gosh, I am jealous... I am N.O.T ready!

  3. I am going to a cookie exchange on Saturday and I may try the chocolate wedding cookies. Thanks! :)

  4. Ohh Mer, let me know how they turn out! This post is trouble... looking at those cookies is super tempting!

    The Bourbon Balls are my personal fave!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm I am SO hungry now. Those key lime thinga-ma-doos... oh my goodness... I NEED them!

  6. I know... all these cookies are talking to me, "bake me" "eat me"!


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