Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where has the time gone...

Today I took a few cute pics of Charlotte, and thought- wow, really- are you 18 months old?!? 1.5 YEARS... seriously??? Where my precious love, has the time gone?

I know all mothers go through this, but gosh she is growing up so fast-too I type this I have tears in my eyes. Before I know it, she will be off to college!

Time to go make a new one- ahahaha, lol! Just joking mom!

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  1. Jess, you crack me up! But she is such a doll - you, and your baby girl, have the best style! :) Can't wait to see the next one!! :P

  2. Thanks lady, you have fab style my dear!

    The next one-lol! You will have "one" before my "two"!

  3. She is too cute.I know how you feel my little boy is six months and he is growing like a weed.

  4. Thanks Angelena! 6 months is still itty bitty!!! Treasure those moments!

  5. sweet little charli paige, she has grown up fast, and still the same fashionista!!

  6. Another one? Another one? WHEN WHEN WHEN??? Hahahaha!


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