Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Little Cupcake Baby Shower Florals...

This weekend has been a busy one for sure...
Fabulous baby shower Saturday, lots of SNOW... Birthday Party today!

So busy, but wanted to pop on and share the florals I made for yesterday's baby shower...

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

Smoooooches, Pin It

Friday, January 29, 2010

MoTiVaTiOnAl Friday & Weekend SPECIAL...

Following yesterdays frustrations, I seriously needed a good pump me up! I wanted to start this weekend feeling good and refreshed. DREAM BIG!

Hopefully you may also find inspiration within this post! I just love quotes...

HAPPY FRIDAY Everyone!!!

PS- PBD is offering a WEEKEND SPECIAL! Tags and Toppers... buy one dozen, get 6 FREE!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010


What are you willing to sacrifice to make your life better?

As mothers we face judgments on a daily basis, we face inner personal struggles. We question our decisions, wondering if we are in fact making the best choices for our family, for ourselves. Or at lease I do!

Keeping all the balls in the air is hard...

I recently had a review for my "day job" and the review reflected poorly on my inability to be more flexible. Flexible to work varying hours if need be, to work nights sometimes, or weekends. The overall review was fabulous, but this one aspect bugs me to the core. C.O.R.E.

I am a mother, I sacrifice 35 hrs a week for this job. I miss out on many "firsts" that I will never get back, many stories are told second hand. Many falls, and booboo's are soothed by someone other then me. I gave birth to this child and someone else is telling me about new things she has done. This crushes me, really it does.

I make this sacrifice so that we are financially stable, and can afford to give Charlotte a better life. HOWEVER, I am unable to give more of my time. Because of this, my career suffers.

I ask you how is this so. At what point can we give no more, at what point are we giving enough? Finding this balance is hard, expectations are high.

Have any of you dealt with this? Please share...

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family Day and Lots of PBD!

It's Wednesday...wooohoooo!

Lots to do today, and so little time! PBD orders to be completed & shipped, working on cupcake tower designs, and of course family time!!!

Hope everyone has a most fabulous day! Pin It

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dear May,

You are the month when the sun gets sweet, where the temperatures are perfect, the month I got married, and my peonies start to bloom. Certainly a month worth waiting for.

You bring me fresh cut flowers, blooms that make my heart burst.

I am dreaming of you already... Pin It

More Boy Items...

Soooo my shop def feels like a girlz only zone... sorry! I am making an effort to add more "boy" colors! However, please know items are customizable! Check out these new Due Date Cupcake Toppers! Perfect for the cutest of baby showers...

Also working on an adorable monogrammed baby name banner! Imagine powder blue, winter red, and polka dots!!! Here is a lil sneak peek!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Updated DIY Party Favor Idea...

This party favor is truly perfect for any cupcake inspired baby shower, birthday party, or even as a great little present! It works beautifully as a grouped center piece and as a party favor, saving you both time and money by giving it two party purposes!

Simply buy boxes of cake mix, shredded coconut, chocolate chip morsels and mason jars. Then divide your cake mix into 3rds and layer the remaining ingredients into your jars! You can then attach baking instructions to the backs of your party favor tags!

Your guests will be blown away by your creativity, and thankful for such a fabulous party favor! Pin It

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Setting Goals...

Well... it's time to bite the bullet and put "me" first. Life has gotten in the way and I am now 50 lbs heavier then when I got married... gosh that's hard to admit- H.A.R.D! I need to take control of my life and it's starting now.... not tomorrow, or Monday- but now!

The first item to cross off my list is eating out/ordering take out! THIS MUST STOP. Eating out is expensive, crazy fattening, and a waste money! Gosh, this will be a hard one for sure- but my goal is to not eat out for 3 months straight. Now I realize that doesn't sound like a long time, but that's 12 weeks and my starting point. We order out twice a week sometimes, that is far too often!

Additionally, I plan to drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and veggies, and count my points!

Changing your life is hard, but this busy mama plans to make it happen. If you have any helpful tips, please share!! PLEASE! Pin It

Friday, January 22, 2010

Salsa... oh and a Margarita, surely yes- I would love one!

I love salsa... L.O.V.E! Salsa and tortilla chips, mmmmmm. Go ahead and add a margarita if you must, I mean I wouldn't want you to drink alone- that would be rude!

Here are some must try yummylicious salsa recipes! I promise you will not be disappointed. In fact, you may even want to make one of these recipes this weekend, or two!

Pineapple Tomato Salsa

Mango Salsa

Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Fresh Tomato Salsa

and just because I KNOW you are thirsty....

The BEST Margarita always includes Grand Marnier!

Hope everyone has a most fabulous weekend! Pin It

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mumble Jumble Thursday

WARNING... this blog post may be a bit bouncy, and touch on some subjects that might rub people the wrong way, if so- there are a trillion other blogs out there... if you like touching on warmishly hot topics, please leave some PBD love!

Who wants to read a boring blog anyway, I mean life is life- it's certainly not a bed of peonies(roses)!

Anyhooo, last night I was perusing some blogs and happened upon a post regarding octomoms new body... bottom line she looks hot! I am not here to judge any mother, we all excel in our own ways, and we all have things we may strive to be better at(getting in shape).

Well... the post was really about calling her bluff(plastic surgery or not)- def a topic up for discussion. It's a comment "alluding to the point that she should focus more on being a good mother rather then her body" that got me thinking.

Hmmm...if you aren't taking care of yourself, then what kind of example are you really setting. Now I am not talking extremes here, I am talking about being healthy, living your life to it's fullest- showing your children the importance of health, which to some aspect means focusing on your body! right?

This got me thinking even further... I have a full time job, PBD, AND I am also a mother. My plate is full, but I am following my dream! Now I hope that when Charli gets older she will see that yes, catching your dream is possible, and that she herself should reach for the moon- and hopefully land amongst that stars. Sappy I know... but this is how I feel.

I am tired at times, less motivated to be peppy mommy, but I am working on the bigger picture here. Setting an example.

I think setting personal goals is important, striving to be a better "you" and most importantly judging a little less!

Additionally, I would love to add how thankful I am for all my new followers and all the interesting blogs out there. I never realized how many INSPIRATIONAL women were out there following their dreams, carving their own space into the world. GO YOU! Seriously... taking a leap of faith takes guts.

PS- sorry for this mummbly jumble of a post, but I just wanted to share my thoughts! Pin It

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper Shopping... Family Day!

It's Wednesday! YAY! I love Wednesday's because my husband(usually) has off from work, Charli is home with Mommy & Daddy, and I get to work on my Party Box Orders!

I have a full time job, aside from PBD... so I am one busy mama! One day I will hopefully be able to do Party Box full time... dream big or go home-right!

Anyways, we have a busy day ahead... heading to Annapolis to check out a new paper shop, suggested by one of my favorite bloggers Tracy from Loving Pretty Things! I am crazy excited, as their online site is fabulous- so in person it just has to be paper heaven!

Hopefully a quick bite to eat with my loves, then home to work on a bunch of new orders! It's going to be a busy next few weeks, and I truly feel blessed!

Happy hump day everyone! Pin It

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Well... if you haven't check it out already, head over to Mammalicious Finds and read my first guest blog post(leave some love too)! You will find some great party planning ideas for a kids football extravaganza!

Additionally, there are some new cocktail tags over at Party Box Design! How about some looooove potion for that Valentines Day party of yours?!?


A Cupcake-Tini... The PERFECT signature cocktail for a cupcake inspired event!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday, well- as fabulous as Tuesdays can possibly be! Pin It

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots of New...

Monday, you always get here too soon!

Hope everyone had a crazy great weekend! Our weekend was fabulous- well, MINUS the fact that the Ravens LOST AND Charli totally projectile vomited all over our oh so sweet Pottery Barn Rug! The glamorous life of mommyhood...

Lots of new happening here at PBD! We have a give away going on(don't forget to enter)over at Mammalicious Finds, my very first guest blogger post will go live tomorrow, and I have placed some new, ready to go party decor in the shop!

Whats new with all of you?!? Pin It

Friday, January 15, 2010


Need I say more!?!

Now anyone who knows me, K.N.O.W.S I am a football widow! My husband LOOOVES football- LOVES! When we first moved in together(6 yrs ago), he used to place all the televisions into our family room, enabling him to watch multiple games at one time. Yes, I am serious! Thankfully we are now down to one!

I on the other hand don't really like football, just the idea of it- beer, food, friends, fun, entertaining. If you asked me to name 10 football teams, I could try- but I am not sure if I would make it... without cheating, let me seeeeee...
1. Baltimore Ravens
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. New York Giants
5. New York Jets
6. ummmmm... oh the Redskins
7. Cincinnati Bengals
8. Philadelphia Eagles

OK- I am so bad, but listen I am an entertainer- no time for football- lets talk beer. Ordinarily you will find me with a cocktail in hand at any event- but ladies this is the NFL football playoffs and we must offer fabulous beer at our parties!!!! Do you feel the enthusiasm? Place your beautiful cocktail glasses aside and grab a nice cold one(be sure to recycle)!

Soooo... here is my Top 5 Most Fabulous Football Party Beer List!

1. Heineken Keg Can

2. Stella Artois

3. Samuel Adams Winter Lager

4. New Castle Brown Ale

5. Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout

PS- This list was compiled with the help of Bradley Bornman(husband), professional beer drinking extraordinaire! Pin It

PBD Give Away...

Not only is it FRIDAY, but... I am very excited to announce PBD's very FIRST Give Away over at Mammalicious Finds! Head over and enter to win you very own custom toppers and tags!!!

January is turning out to be a fabulous month for Party Box Design and I am crazy excited to see what the future holds. Pin It

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Such Love...

Sweet Jesus, it's almost FRIDAY! Fridays are fabulous, and Thursdays I like only because they are almost Friday's! LOL... poor Thursday, always getting a bad rap!

ANYHOO... since I don't have anything crazy exciting floating through my head today- I thought why not share some product love. I am a product loyalist and it's rare I switch it up, however, I am always open to change(but I am not big on change)! Well, unless that change involves winning the lottery, and or losing 40 lbs!

Jessica's Crazy Fabulous Product List!

1. Mac Clear Lip Glass
I kid you not, this product helped me totally score my husband. He was entranced by my big glossy lips... he will even tell you so!

2. OXO (r) Soap Dispensing Palm Brush
I HATE sponges... even touching one makes me shiver! This year for Christmas, I totally gave out a few of these! Most fabulous cleaning invention to date!

3. Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Soap(Bath & Body Works)
Have one of these soaps at every sink in my house! I am addicted to the amazing scents they offer, and just love them! Can't go wrong!

4. Regenerist Regenerating Serum
Yes, I realize I am only 29- but I have been using this product line for the past 5 years! I LOVE it, loooove!

5. Great Lash® Waterproof Mascara
I am admittedly obsessed with my eyelashes! I curl mine at least 4 times a day, more if I happen to have a kid free night out. This mascara is fabulous, really! I have tried many different kinds, and ALWAYS fall back on this very one!

OK... TOP 5! I have 5 more, but plan to keep you in suspense until tomorrow!

So what are your faves... any good finds!

PS- I def realize that the word "totally" is over used in this blog! Pin It

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Charlotte's Birthday Party Sneak Peek...

Yes, I realize Charli is ONLY 19 months old! However, June will be here before we know it. Time flies right...

I have been planning this party in my head for a couple months now and wanted to share my first sneak peek with my lovely bloggy friends. I will continually be posting tid bits along the way, so stay tuned! If you are also planning a party, maybe you can pull some inspiration from Charli's party details.

I am crazy excited for this party, and it will be nothing short of fabulous!
Main Colors... Yellow & Pink!

PS- THANKS for all my sweet Birthday wishes! Pin It

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today I am 29...

Usually birthdays are great, but today I am not feeling celebratory. I know I will pep up, my mood will blow over- however, I am not a sugar coating life kinda gal! I am reflecting on my 20's, wondering where the days, weeks, months, years have gone, thinking of some crazy amazing memories, and some not so great ones.

This blog isn't only about PBD... the title clearly states that, so if you read this blog and expect otherwise, no can do. This blog is about life...

I wonder if professional motivational speakers have bad days, days where they can't motivate themselves, days of doubt. I am guessing so... I mean we are only human!

Anyways... I am 29 and have set some high expectations for my life. This year my goal is to lead my life the best way I can, and that includes not taking on others anger, guilt, frustrations, or negativity!

Here's to the last year of my 20's... it's going to be a good one!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy Fabulous Weekend... & a BB Award!

Well... lets just say I am sad to see this weekend go, its been nothing short of fabulous! Bradley had off from work on Saturday, Charli spent the evening at Grandma's House, I celebrated a birthday night out with amazing friends, we had a Sunday Funday with my bestest and her family.... AND I was awarded my VERY FIRST Beautiful Blogger Award!!!! Phew that was a long sentence...

Anyhoooo... a super crazy big thanks to Ms. Ams of Surviving Long Distance Love for my Beautiful Blogger Award!!!! Now you must go check out her fabulously witty blog!

Here are the rules:

-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
-Copy the award & place it on your blog.
-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
-Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
-Nominate 7 bloggers.
-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7 Interesting Things(or at least i think so)...

1. I love peonies, LOVE! I have at least 8-10 peony plants in my front yard, and each year I plant more. The tree peony is my favorite, its crazy pretty!

2. I am addicted to mac lip glass, addicted! The clear one.

3. If you search my purse you will find an eye lash curler. I carry one with me everywhere I go.

4. Big Love is my favorite tv show, well that and the OC Housewives!

5. I am very bold, will discuss anything and everything- no topic is taboo!

6. I can't stand when people do not RSVP to events... such a pet peeve!

7. I love smushy faced doggies with short little nubby tails. I do not like tails wagging in my face, knocking things off the coffee table, etc.

AND the Awards go to...

Mammalicious Mamma
Milk and Cookeez
Loving Pretty Things
A Wedding Story
A Day in the Life
Birthday Girl
The Swede Records Pin It

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gotta VENT... & Pretty Preppy Tags

I know its Friday, but I am annoyed- so I figured, why not blog about it! I am also tired, Charli was up at 3:30 am- so please excuse any typos!

I love planning parties, LOVE! However, every now and then you may hit bumps in the road. My bump- happened to be last night. Now, mind you its not a major bump, but one nonetheless!

I pride myself on crazy attention to detail, providing superior quality products, and offering fabulous customer service. I do- bottom line. Why... well because it's what I would like to receive. I plan each party as if it were my own, create party decor as if the party was being hosted by me- so much love goes into every design element.

WELL... I advised a new client to purchase something from this cute etsy shop, (however, purchased through her site so I don't have the opp to write a critique)N.E.W client. I made a suggestion, she spent money- my name on the line here! Well, finished product- awful! The quality is poor, and her customer service- F-!

I am quite frustrated, which is why I am posting this! I have been in contact with her and as of yet she is unwilling to either reprint- or refund the order. Her business is small, and she is a mom- so I figured great, support a small biz- as I myself have one.

WELL, I am not happy, the product looks poor and bottom line, this will reflect upon me. Additionally, I am busy- B.U.S.Y and would love to spend my energy elsewhere.

UGH... VENT OVER! For now anyways...

ps- am hoping to hear back from her today, with a more positive resolution- other then, I am sorry I stand my by product.

pps- I stand by my product as well, however, if a client is not happy- then neither am I.

PPS- Feel free to vent away in response!

EDITED TO ADD... these to cute pretty preppy tags for a lil lady turning one!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Almost Friday!

Phew it's been a crazy great week for PBD! Lots of super cute party decor orders coming in, a feature on Bottle Your Brand, & so many exciting new items for our Valentine's Day Shop(coming soon)!

Additionally , I am ridiculously excited for this weekend... my husband has Saturday off, which only happens 6 times a year(crazy I know)- AND we are going out with some fabulous friends for my birthday! PLUS Charli is spending the night at Grandma's house! Gosh, just re-reading this- it almost sounds too good to be true- but it is!!!

I hope everyone is having a crazy great week, if not- no worries, as its almost FRIDAY! Pin It

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Sister's Keeper...

I love reading, L.O.V.E! Finding the time is hard... however, I read everyday! Each day I try and catch at least 5 minutes of reading time, a breath of fresh air from my crazy busy schedule. A sweet indulgence I refuse to give up. I am currently reading My Sister's Keeper- jumping on the bandwagon late here, I know... nonetheless I am on page 344!

This book is so fabulous I just had to blog about it. It's tugging at my heart strings, making my heart ache, causing me to open my eyes to the beauty of every day life- all those little moments now feel big. Big hugs from Charli, her little laugh, even her tantrums- all a blessing.

I love books that make me think, make me feel. Books that offer a new perspective on life- this is it. I am sure you have all read the book(DID YOU LOVE IT?), but if not, add it to your reading list.

PS: Since I am less then 100 pages shy of finishing it... please no spoilers! Pin It

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Night Blues... but Exciting News!

I was asked to be a guest blogger/party contributor extraordinaire for Mammalicious Finds! I am super excited and feel ohhh so special(Agent Oso theme song now in head)! Hopefully you will add this super fabulous bloggy site to your reading list!

More exciting news! Love is in the air at Party Box Design... working on some super sweet items that will be added to the shop shortly, so please check back! Here is your sneak peek!

So did you all have a great New Years or what???!!!??? Pin It