Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Charlotte's Birthday Party Sneak Peek...

Yes, I realize Charli is ONLY 19 months old! However, June will be here before we know it. Time flies right...

I have been planning this party in my head for a couple months now and wanted to share my first sneak peek with my lovely bloggy friends. I will continually be posting tid bits along the way, so stay tuned! If you are also planning a party, maybe you can pull some inspiration from Charli's party details.

I am crazy excited for this party, and it will be nothing short of fabulous!
Main Colors... Yellow & Pink!

PS- THANKS for all my sweet Birthday wishes! Pin It


  1. ooooh goodie!!! I've already started on D-Man's (as you know) and his is in August!

    So excited to see what you come up with!

  2. That's gonna be cuuuute! You're right, you gotta start planning now, cause you never know!

  3. You're right... June will be here before you know it. My kids birthdays are April, May & June (mine is in March) so I really should start planning now too!

  4. My daughter turns 1 in May. Can't wait!!

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  5. Starting early is the key to fabulous details! Can't wait to see the rest. Happy belated birthday!

  6. I'm already planning the birthday parties for my daughter and son whose birthdays are mid Sept. and the end of Oct. It's never too early to plan!


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