Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dear May,

You are the month when the sun gets sweet, where the temperatures are perfect, the month I got married, and my peonies start to bloom. Certainly a month worth waiting for.

You bring me fresh cut flowers, blooms that make my heart burst.

I am dreaming of you already... Pin It


  1. me. too...

    april 28 is our anniversary

    may 12 is my daughter's bday

    may 14 is my husband's bday.

    LOVE SPRING!! xoxo

  2. lol my husband nad i were just talking about may! his parent are coming over from NC for his bday May 28 :)

  3. I was JUST thinking about May... and I need it. Now!
    Detroit left a sour taste in my mouth... like a feeling that summer is never going to come! Glad it's only a few months away!

  4. My anniversary is Valentine's Day. I will pay tribute on my blog then;o) Love~ Love~ Love Peonies!


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