Friday, January 8, 2010

Gotta VENT... & Pretty Preppy Tags

I know its Friday, but I am annoyed- so I figured, why not blog about it! I am also tired, Charli was up at 3:30 am- so please excuse any typos!

I love planning parties, LOVE! However, every now and then you may hit bumps in the road. My bump- happened to be last night. Now, mind you its not a major bump, but one nonetheless!

I pride myself on crazy attention to detail, providing superior quality products, and offering fabulous customer service. I do- bottom line. Why... well because it's what I would like to receive. I plan each party as if it were my own, create party decor as if the party was being hosted by me- so much love goes into every design element.

WELL... I advised a new client to purchase something from this cute etsy shop, (however, purchased through her site so I don't have the opp to write a critique)N.E.W client. I made a suggestion, she spent money- my name on the line here! Well, finished product- awful! The quality is poor, and her customer service- F-!

I am quite frustrated, which is why I am posting this! I have been in contact with her and as of yet she is unwilling to either reprint- or refund the order. Her business is small, and she is a mom- so I figured great, support a small biz- as I myself have one.

WELL, I am not happy, the product looks poor and bottom line, this will reflect upon me. Additionally, I am busy- B.U.S.Y and would love to spend my energy elsewhere.

UGH... VENT OVER! For now anyways...

ps- am hoping to hear back from her today, with a more positive resolution- other then, I am sorry I stand my by product.

pps- I stand by my product as well, however, if a client is not happy- then neither am I.

PPS- Feel free to vent away in response!

EDITED TO ADD... these to cute pretty preppy tags for a lil lady turning one!
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