Friday, January 8, 2010

Gotta VENT... & Pretty Preppy Tags

I know its Friday, but I am annoyed- so I figured, why not blog about it! I am also tired, Charli was up at 3:30 am- so please excuse any typos!

I love planning parties, LOVE! However, every now and then you may hit bumps in the road. My bump- happened to be last night. Now, mind you its not a major bump, but one nonetheless!

I pride myself on crazy attention to detail, providing superior quality products, and offering fabulous customer service. I do- bottom line. Why... well because it's what I would like to receive. I plan each party as if it were my own, create party decor as if the party was being hosted by me- so much love goes into every design element.

WELL... I advised a new client to purchase something from this cute etsy shop, (however, purchased through her site so I don't have the opp to write a critique)N.E.W client. I made a suggestion, she spent money- my name on the line here! Well, finished product- awful! The quality is poor, and her customer service- F-!

I am quite frustrated, which is why I am posting this! I have been in contact with her and as of yet she is unwilling to either reprint- or refund the order. Her business is small, and she is a mom- so I figured great, support a small biz- as I myself have one.

WELL, I am not happy, the product looks poor and bottom line, this will reflect upon me. Additionally, I am busy- B.U.S.Y and would love to spend my energy elsewhere.

UGH... VENT OVER! For now anyways...

ps- am hoping to hear back from her today, with a more positive resolution- other then, I am sorry I stand my by product.

pps- I stand by my product as well, however, if a client is not happy- then neither am I.

PPS- Feel free to vent away in response!

EDITED TO ADD... these to cute pretty preppy tags for a lil lady turning one!
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  1. Oh friend, I'm so with you .... It is so tough when you have to depend on other people to complete the entire pie. Vent away - I hope that you feel this is a great place to vent - a safe place!

    This too shall pass, but when you're in it - I so know that it is hard to see the other side.

    Hang in there, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed and unappreciated!!

    TGIF ~

  2. Thanks Lady! I appreciate your kind words, really I do!

  3. Omg! Love those tags.
    Ok, sorry about the terrible problem that you are having. Just keep your head up. It's ashame that every business doesn't live by good practices.

  4. UGH! That STINKS! I just referred a client to an ETSY seller who never ever had the courtesy to email her back..So frustrating..the lack of professionalism is unbelievable...
    I hope it gets resolved-quickly-I am upset for you..Especially since you referred business her way..GRRRRRR....

  5. Not cool at all... some people boggle my mind. If I did something that wasn't up to par I would be MORE than willing to refund. I made a wedding cake that was a DISASTER this year - no charge. Because HELLO it wasn't perfect. I want perfect. I demand perfection from myself... ugh... I totally feel your pain! *Hugs*

    I LOVE those tags btw :) You're amazing at what you do my friend!

  6. Thanks everyone for venting with me and your kind words.

    I love hearing your stories, it makes me feel better!!!!

    ps- thanks for the sweet love regarding the tags!

  7. I never bought/sold anything from ETSY, but I totally understand how you feel. I stand by everything I make as well, and feel the same as you do. If a client is not satisfied, I will do everything in my power to make sure they are! Some people just don't care....

  8. ok... so the order was $54... just got an email saying that she will refund $30 if the items are shipped back...

    soooo you would like me to ship back the items, spending more money... to recieve a refund of $30?

    $54 plus additional return shipping- $4(est.)
    equals $58, to receive a $30 credit?

    mmmm not good enough!

  9. Hey sweet lady... left you a little something on my blog :)


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