Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Almost Friday!

Phew it's been a crazy great week for PBD! Lots of super cute party decor orders coming in, a feature on Bottle Your Brand, & so many exciting new items for our Valentine's Day Shop(coming soon)!

Additionally , I am ridiculously excited for this weekend... my husband has Saturday off, which only happens 6 times a year(crazy I know)- AND we are going out with some fabulous friends for my birthday! PLUS Charli is spending the night at Grandma's house! Gosh, just re-reading this- it almost sounds too good to be true- but it is!!!

I hope everyone is having a crazy great week, if not- no worries, as its almost FRIDAY! Pin It


  1. i want those cupcake toppers... just wait until i have an event i need help with--you will be the first person i call!

  2. I can't wait to see them in real life!!! so cute!

  3. You crack me up - you're going to have a great weekend :) You need to just reeeeelax :)
    Your designs are beautiful my friend!

  4. Happy Friday! Happy B~day;o) Have a great weekend!

  5. they're here!!!!! OMG so amazingly cute. I can't wait till Sunday. we ordered our cupcakes and the toppers will look PERFECT on them!! thanks so much Jess!

  6. YAY! SOOOOO Happy you love the decor!

    Can't wait to see party pics!


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