Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mumble Jumble Thursday

WARNING... this blog post may be a bit bouncy, and touch on some subjects that might rub people the wrong way, if so- there are a trillion other blogs out there... if you like touching on warmishly hot topics, please leave some PBD love!

Who wants to read a boring blog anyway, I mean life is life- it's certainly not a bed of peonies(roses)!

Anyhooo, last night I was perusing some blogs and happened upon a post regarding octomoms new body... bottom line she looks hot! I am not here to judge any mother, we all excel in our own ways, and we all have things we may strive to be better at(getting in shape).

Well... the post was really about calling her bluff(plastic surgery or not)- def a topic up for discussion. It's a comment "alluding to the point that she should focus more on being a good mother rather then her body" that got me thinking.

Hmmm...if you aren't taking care of yourself, then what kind of example are you really setting. Now I am not talking extremes here, I am talking about being healthy, living your life to it's fullest- showing your children the importance of health, which to some aspect means focusing on your body! right?

This got me thinking even further... I have a full time job, PBD, AND I am also a mother. My plate is full, but I am following my dream! Now I hope that when Charli gets older she will see that yes, catching your dream is possible, and that she herself should reach for the moon- and hopefully land amongst that stars. Sappy I know... but this is how I feel.

I am tired at times, less motivated to be peppy mommy, but I am working on the bigger picture here. Setting an example.

I think setting personal goals is important, striving to be a better "you" and most importantly judging a little less!

Additionally, I would love to add how thankful I am for all my new followers and all the interesting blogs out there. I never realized how many INSPIRATIONAL women were out there following their dreams, carving their own space into the world. GO YOU! Seriously... taking a leap of faith takes guts.

PS- sorry for this mummbly jumble of a post, but I just wanted to share my thoughts! Pin It


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you, I am a new follower on your blog and love all of your creativity and ideas! This is so true...a lot of times staying healthy in mind, body and soul is just about finding an extra 5 minutes in the day because most people who live a happy, fun-filled, rewarding life are busy people! Have a great Thursday! :)

  2. Hi Krista! Thanks for following and sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated...

  3. Weee!! I just found your blog and have fallen in party love. :) Thank you for sharing with us!


  4. With the obesity rates rising among American children these days, I agree that more parents need to strive to set a better example in healthy life choices - thus maintaining a healthy weight, and healthy eating habits (which is key for any child!). Very well put - YOU GO! :) Also a recent follower - I love your blog, and I love it even more now that I see you're not afraid to post ouside the "party box"! Well said.

  5. Thanks for your opinions(which I love)!


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