Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots of New...

Monday, you always get here too soon!

Hope everyone had a crazy great weekend! Our weekend was fabulous- well, MINUS the fact that the Ravens LOST AND Charli totally projectile vomited all over our oh so sweet Pottery Barn Rug! The glamorous life of mommyhood...

Lots of new happening here at PBD! We have a give away going on(don't forget to enter)over at Mammalicious Finds, my very first guest blogger post will go live tomorrow, and I have placed some new, ready to go party decor in the shop!

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  1. Love the decorations! We had the projectile vomiting from my little girl this weekend too. Must be going around.

  2. Sorry to here about the little one beign sick. I completly understand the PB disaster story. You should see my couch that my husband and I got from there when we use to be chic. Done deal. Can't wait to read your blog post tomorrow on Mammalicious Finds

  3. Great image! I am loving the gumballs with the little tag. So cute!

  4. I hope that projectile vomiting doesn't pass through my house! Hope your little Charli is feeling better today!


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