Friday, January 15, 2010


Need I say more!?!

Now anyone who knows me, K.N.O.W.S I am a football widow! My husband LOOOVES football- LOVES! When we first moved in together(6 yrs ago), he used to place all the televisions into our family room, enabling him to watch multiple games at one time. Yes, I am serious! Thankfully we are now down to one!

I on the other hand don't really like football, just the idea of it- beer, food, friends, fun, entertaining. If you asked me to name 10 football teams, I could try- but I am not sure if I would make it... without cheating, let me seeeeee...
1. Baltimore Ravens
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. New York Giants
5. New York Jets
6. ummmmm... oh the Redskins
7. Cincinnati Bengals
8. Philadelphia Eagles

OK- I am so bad, but listen I am an entertainer- no time for football- lets talk beer. Ordinarily you will find me with a cocktail in hand at any event- but ladies this is the NFL football playoffs and we must offer fabulous beer at our parties!!!! Do you feel the enthusiasm? Place your beautiful cocktail glasses aside and grab a nice cold one(be sure to recycle)!

Soooo... here is my Top 5 Most Fabulous Football Party Beer List!

1. Heineken Keg Can

2. Stella Artois

3. Samuel Adams Winter Lager

4. New Castle Brown Ale

5. Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout

PS- This list was compiled with the help of Bradley Bornman(husband), professional beer drinking extraordinaire! Pin It


  1. Ha ha, I love it! I will have an ice cold Miller Lite in my hand!

  2. I'm loving the Sam Adams Winter Lager this winter!! -Gwen

  3. Not a big beer drinker at all. But for this game with the ravens, I might just be there with you. Is your husband and my husband twins? The tv situation was my house a couple of years ago. Funny

  4. way too cute - love it!

    I happen to like football - I don't *need* it per say, but I like the opportunity to get together...just invited a group to our house with their kiddos for the Super Bowl. Who care's who's playing - but a great excuse to have a party!!

    OH - and on a regular saturday/sunday during football season - its a great time to get through my backlog of blogs and magazines!


  5. Party tip...the Keg Can can easily be substituted with the Mini Keg for small groups. Love that Mini Keg (don't forget nice 'chilled' pint glasses)!

  6. Check out the hubster giving party tips! Gotta love it!

    Tracy- def any excuse to have a party! I am sure your super bowl party will be a total blast!

    EE- So funny!

    Beck- You def keep miller light in biz!

    Gwen- my husband loves your taste in beer!

  7. Funny u should mention how close we love from one another. Somehow my brain forgot you did cupcakes and I thought to myself when I receive a tweet that you were cooking cupcakes that I can totally use you one day for cupcakes, tags and all the other fabulous things you do.

  8. I am so glad you posted this! My husband's thirtieth birthday is coming up and I want to do a beer tasting/poker party for him. Funny thing was, he was looking over my shoulder and asking what I was reading because this looked like his kind of blog : ).

  9. EE- Yes def!!! I saw you were in my "area" but I didnt realize how close until you kept posting things I myself had seen at homegoods!

    Katie- You are super welcome! What a great idea for a 30th!!!!

  10. I don't drink beer... but I think I would totally come to one of your parties because it sounds like a good time! Mind if i tag along? I could even learn how to like beer ;)

  11. i love it! beer is definitely the best way to get through a weekend of football. ;)


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