Thursday, January 14, 2010

Such Love...

Sweet Jesus, it's almost FRIDAY! Fridays are fabulous, and Thursdays I like only because they are almost Friday's! LOL... poor Thursday, always getting a bad rap!

ANYHOO... since I don't have anything crazy exciting floating through my head today- I thought why not share some product love. I am a product loyalist and it's rare I switch it up, however, I am always open to change(but I am not big on change)! Well, unless that change involves winning the lottery, and or losing 40 lbs!

Jessica's Crazy Fabulous Product List!

1. Mac Clear Lip Glass
I kid you not, this product helped me totally score my husband. He was entranced by my big glossy lips... he will even tell you so!

2. OXO (r) Soap Dispensing Palm Brush
I HATE sponges... even touching one makes me shiver! This year for Christmas, I totally gave out a few of these! Most fabulous cleaning invention to date!

3. Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Soap(Bath & Body Works)
Have one of these soaps at every sink in my house! I am addicted to the amazing scents they offer, and just love them! Can't go wrong!

4. Regenerist Regenerating Serum
Yes, I realize I am only 29- but I have been using this product line for the past 5 years! I LOVE it, loooove!

5. Great Lash® Waterproof Mascara
I am admittedly obsessed with my eyelashes! I curl mine at least 4 times a day, more if I happen to have a kid free night out. This mascara is fabulous, really! I have tried many different kinds, and ALWAYS fall back on this very one!

OK... TOP 5! I have 5 more, but plan to keep you in suspense until tomorrow!

So what are your faves... any good finds!

PS- I def realize that the word "totally" is over used in this blog! Pin It


  1. Ha! nothing wrong with the overuse of totally! lol :) I gotta say i totally (ha!) agree on the #5...i think i have been using that stuff since college days.

    Thanks for following my blog & welcome :)

  2. Four times!? You're crazy!
    I am getting my girlfriend to "perm" my eyelashes for me. It's a new thing they do at their spa... I will let you know how it works!!



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