Thursday, February 18, 2010

Introducing Boulder...

Boulder is just a little over 6 years old. He was my first dog, a Boston Terrier. A spunky lil doggie, my heart dog! He has a fascination with squeeky balls, beer bottles(quirky I know), and the camera! God I love him!

Boulder recently went blind. He bumps into things, has lost a bit of his spunkyness, and is certainly a different dog- breaks my heart. He must get eye drops every day and needs surgery to correct this blindness. A crazy expensive surgery, a 3 THOUSAND dollar surgery.Brad and I had planned to get Boulder the surgery next month, using our tax return to do so. However, those plans have now changed due to series of frustrating events. I am having a hard time with this news.

I am posting because I feel really sad and sharing my feelings might help. Obviously this isn't PBD related, but this blog is more then just PBD, its also about the person who writes it.

Every time I look into his cloudy eyes my heart breaks a little more. I am hoping the summer brings the possibility of affording this surgery.

P.S. Sorry for the negative nelly post!

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