Thursday, February 4, 2010

Smash the Cupcake 1st Birthday!

I have been working on incorporating more "boy" into PBD! However, it just happens that I get more girl clients then boys... so that's why I seem to share more "boy" parties/decor! Boy's where are you!?!

Sooooo... what better way to celebrate your child's first birthday, then a "SMASH the Cupcake" Party?!? Children and Cupcakes just seem to pair so well! On the invite, include a little note to bring an extra pair of clothing so the children may get messy!

For the flowers I am envisioning big puffs of white babies breath with bright blue ribbon adorning the tall glass vases. Brown branches placed inside, rimming the glass to pull in the chocolate brown.

Signature Cocktail: Indulgent, chocolate, warm- since its still cold! Something in a tall glass mug, with a fun cocktail tag! Baileys for sure!

Party Favors: Boxes filled with chocolate! Beautifully wrapped with polka dot ribbon and a gorgeous birthday boy tag!

Activity: Have a huge table filled with bare cupcakes, blue, white, and brown icing- toppings galore. Allow the children to get creative and make their own cupcakes!

Hopefully you may pull some birthday boy inspiration from this post! Happy Thursday!

Cupcake Pic: Pin It


  1. Great ideas, the reminder to bring extra clothes!! :)

  2. How cute is that little baby in the picture?!!!

  3. cuuuuute!! Smash the cupcake - OMG how cute!!

    great ideas, AS ALWAYS!! xoxo

  4. SUCH great ideas... :)
    I think I could be a party planner... I would just love it so much!

  5. And a little fyi - you are stinkin' good at what you do lady!! I love all your ideas :)


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