Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Coconutty Cupcakes...

Baltimore has been blanketed with snow...24 inches and COUNTING! Everything outside is so peaceful and crazy beautiful! I love it!

With all this snow, I felt inspired! Check out these yummmylicious cupcakes!

Yummy Buttercream Recipe!
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  1. Not snowing in my part of NC... Love the cupcakes though - I should make those even though its NOT snowing ;) Enjoy the snow!!!

  2. We're getting ready for a Super Bowl party, so everything is turning BLUE :) Love the cupcakes. Maybe we'll make some with blue coconut. Hehe.

  3. So fun!! I've been house-prepping for our Super Bowl shin-dig (totally bought some suggested beers from your post the other day!)...hanging pictures I've been wanting to hang, doing those little projects that were saved just for this rainy day!

    Have fun in the snow ... LOVING the cupcake in the snow pic!!


  4. Yum! Reminds me very much of snow here in Canada too! Something so very beautiful about freshly fallen snow.

  5. Yum! I spent the day stuffing heart basket for my sons valentines day party next Friday at school. We are off to Florida on monday for his birthday. I'm sorry I'll have to leave u in this snow.

  6. Package some up, Dear and send to me pronto!!!!

  7. Yummy! Wish it snowed here so I could get in the wintery mood!!


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