Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creative Block Bug...

I have caught the creative block bug for Charlotte's birthday invites... I have designed and deleted, designed and deleted ahhhhh! So frustrating right?!? Thankfully I still have time. MAYBE I will post a few options and have you all vote!!! Prob the best bet!!!!

I would also like to note that my eye is now black and this awful shade of yellow! Seriously, ICK- REALLY BEYOND ICK! I considered posting a pic, but honestly... it was just too awful to post- like scarey AWFUL! Like strangers looking at me awful!

Anyhoooo... the PBD Shop has been kicking and I am so beyond thankful!!! I am also planning another give away for next week, but please be sure to ENTER the TWO current ones!!!

OK baaaack to work for me!

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