Saturday, March 20, 2010

DIY Floral Post Next Week: Limes & Baby's Breath...

I have received so many email inquiries regarding the florals I did for Charli's First Birthday.... sooooo, I have decided that I will be posting a DIY Floral Tutorial next week!!!

So exciting, right?!?

Hope everyone is having a most fabulous weekend! I AM!

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  1. SO exciting...
    I love it and can't wait to hear how you do it!!

  2. Love big bunches of baby's breath - perfect for kids parties, showers, many people dont like it but in mass it is wonderful, loved how you used it w/ the limes and if I was a betting girl, I bet we'll see some fun arrangements w/ "lemons" this year!?

  3. Will be waiting the tutorial, thanks!

  4. I CANNOT wait to see that. I am terrible at floral arrangements!

  5. yay! looking forward to seeing it. :)


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