Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recipe Archive: Baked Brie w/ Candied Pecans

Well, it's raining in Baltimore- the wind is crazy and gosh is it gloomy outside, beyond gloomy! Weather like this makes me want to snuggle up in a warm blankey, bake some yummy food and relax. Well, the relaxing isn't going to happen for quite a few years- so the yummy food part will have to do.

I felt like re-posting this crazy yummy appetizer incase you didn't see it previously... plus its Saturday, the day for entertaining!

Baked Brie w/ Candied Pecans
1 Round Brie(any kind will do, wholefoods always has a great selection)
1/2 cup Brown Sugar(add more if you like)
1/2 cup of chopped pecans
1 box of fresh raspberries
2 tart apples( I like granny smith)
1 box of assorted crackers

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Remove the thin white film off the top of the brie with a knife and place brie in a pretty baking dish(no need to transfer once heated as who needs more dirty dishes to clean). Spread the brown sugar and pecans over the top of the brie- then softly place fresh raspberries on as well. Bake approx 30 minutes, or until center is a gooey yummy mess.

While the brie is baking, cut the apples into thin slices(but not too soon, as the apples will turn brown, so shortly before its ready).

When the brie is done, remove and surround with apples and crackers!

YUMMMY! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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  1. I LOVE Brie! That recipe sounds delish!! I'll have to try it! I'll have to send you a baked brie in puff pastry recipe that is killer!

    Also, tried your buttercream recipe and it was a HUGE hit at my house! : )

  2. OOHHHH yay for the butter cream- it's always so nice to hear feedback!

    Yes, would love any new brie recipes!!!

  3. This sounds soo good!! I haven't had brie in a long time!

  4. OOOOOHHHHH my dear friend brie cheese!!! My husband knows not to let me alone with brie because I will eat a whole wheel while he's gone. I know, that's really, really bad!

  5. sounds yummy, my mom makes something similar and it's always a hit!

  6. Bakes Brie is one of my favorites!
    I'm your newest follower and already know I'm going to like looking around here!

  7. Sounds delish!! Can't eat pecans yet as I has my wisdom teeth out (booo) but I sure can eat Brie:)

  8. Yummy! Sounds perfect for our next get together :)

  9. I'm sick and nothing sounds good right now...but THAT sounds really good!

  10. This sounds AMAZING! Yum, I will have to try this soon!

  11. OH MY GOSH!!! This sounds so amazing I really might just make it right now. . . JUST FOR MYSELF . . . embarrassing BUT seriously the brie is calling my name! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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