Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Shower Idea Conflicts...

Julie from The Hopple Family mentioned in a below blog post that she and her mother are planning a baby shower for her sister and having some idea conflicts!!!

This is actually a super common issue, and one that can easily be resolved! I suggest one person pic the patterns, and the other the colors!!! HOWEVER, always be sure to keep the guest of honor in mind!

I created this quick baby shower theme "Baby Bubbles" based on Julie's post, combining her mother's wishes, along with her own...

What do you think Julie?!?

Cute colors and patterns with the image of a rubber ducky! I am envisioning... lots of bubbles, polka dots, cute party favor soaps with sweet little tags, lemonade cocktails, and daffodil arrangements! Fresh and Fun- PERFECT for the Spring & Summer!

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  1. I LOVE you right now! Super cute!!!

  2. This is for Julie! The subject matter is unrelated but these little chocolate ducky bags would make FABULOUS baby shower favors! Enjoy!


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