Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cupcake Love....

I love cupcakes... anything and everything cupcakes! When I look at cupcakes they make me smile! The smooth ripples of the icing, so beautiful... little works of art, and yet so simple!

Have a FABULOUS Easter weekend everyone... hopefully these cupcakes make you smile as well!

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  1. YUM! Me too! I am making cupcakes right now (for tomorrow) ;o) Happy Easter weekend!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. I think you need to email me that recipe --- oh snap--they look GOOOOOD!

  3. they were too good guys, and I hate like 4! Seriously.... I must now live on veggies for the next 4 years!!!

    P.S. I will post a chocolate buttercream recipe soon!


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