Friday, April 2, 2010

Google Analytics...

Gosh this has been a busy week... crazy busy! I think some fairy dust was sprinkled on PBD, because thankfully people have noticed our party decor and are shopping! So excited... so rediculously excited, and so greatful! The shop has been busy with banners, tags, toppers, stickers, confetti, invites, cupcakes... gosh so very much!

BUT... why are all my numbers down?!? I am sure many of you bloggers out there use google analytics, I do! ANY TIPS/SUGGESTIONS???

Additionally, our TWO Give Aways are almost over, so please enter! We have not had that many entries, so you have a great chance to win!
Cupcake-Tini Tags
Mommy-Tini Tags

Anyhooo... I also want to share/write blog posts that people enjoy! What would you like to see here at Party Box Design?!?

HAPPY FRIDAY & wishing you all the most fabulous Holiday weekend!

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  1. First, congrats! ...second.. have you added any pages and not put the tracking code at the bottom?

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Thanks Kim! I am pretty sure the coding is there...

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  4. I think it's an awesome sign that your sales have gone up... I think sometimes the numbers will just go up and down. Don't fret. You are one of MY favorite blogs! I am going to enter your Cupcake-tini tags contest right now. Happy Easter weekend!

  5. THANKS Jackie!!

    Julie- you could do those patterns and colors with a simple rubber ducky image! Plus you could do bubbles as favors for any kiddos that attend... and give out CUTE party favor soaps, and a pretty tag!

    It could def work, just one classy image and everything else would be the colors and patterns!!!!

  6. Hmmmm maybe numbers are down this week because a lot of people are on spring break and are off of work, spending time with their kids or just away? I dunno, just a shot in the dark here. Either way, so happy to hear business is starting to boom...keep it up girl!


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