Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our lil Button Invite & New Assistant at PBD...

I have been working on adding new party invites to the site, check out this cutie! Sometimes we call Charli our lil button... so I thought- hmmm why not use that inspiration for an invitation!

What do you all think? Ohhh and sorry for the pooooopy pic... the lighting was just off!

Introducing PBD's Newest Hire: Charli P!

Happy ALMOST Friday!

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  1. Love the invites! Love your assistant, too!

    Where did you get that adorable cupcake stool?

  2. Thanks Ladies!

    Christina- I got it from homegoods!

  3. Too cute. Congrats charli on the new job. You deserve it. You put in a lot of time being your mothers inspiration. There is noone better for the job! Love the new invites.


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