Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Thoughts Monday...

Well... Monday is here again- way too soon! Right?!? Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, we did!!!

Anyhooo, lots of party decor being created... no time for edited pic postings(plus my camera is not working right), so how about another Random Thoughts post!!!

1. I LOVE COFFEE! I do not know how I would start my morning without it. My husband makes us half calf each morning, and the smell is just intoxicating! HOOOOW can you not love coffee? H.O.W?

2. I am totally out of MAC Bronzer... UGHHH! It is the only ounce of make up I seem to have time for these days. Mental note, ORDER some today!

3. We have a wedding this weekend and my MIL is watching Charli! I am excited... a night with Bradley. The wedding is on the water, so it should be ubbbbbber romantic. The bride has great taste, so I am positive it will be lovely. I love weddings.

4. Did anyone see Oprah last week, the episode about the dolphins being killed. O.M.G! Here is the link to an amazing cause. Please check it out. I cried like a baby when I saw the video of the fishermen killing dolphins. I love dolphins, beyond love. L.O.V.E. I think dolphins are the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

5. Did anyone make salsa this weekend? I never ended up having time, but I surely enjoyed some on Saturday night, with a fabulous margarita!

Dear Friday, get here soon!

P.S. Charli's Invites are done(woohooo) and half are being mailed today... ran out of stamps! Doesn't that always happen.

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  1. Have fun at the wedding!!! PS. I hate coffee! Love the smell, though.

  2. with julie here, hate coffee, learning to love it, wedding sounds like fun, better with mil watching kids! hope you have a great week. P.S. new follower and I love your blog layout!

  3. really... you all don't like coffee?!?

  4. I love coffee.. but not if I have to make it!
    Love you have a girl with a "boy" name.. so do we :)

  5. Charli's invites are A.DORABLE.. right along with her name! ;)

  6. Love Charli's birthday invitations!


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