Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Thoughts Sunday...

Since I don't have anything crazy exciting to blog about, I thought I might share some random thoughts going through my mind... oh and maybe some funny facts about me- since this is my blog after all!

1. I am wondering why I have not gotten a single PBD related email all day... hmmm, it makes me sad! I love all my PBD customers... you make me smile!

2. I love chips and salsa, preferably herdez salsa if I don't have time to make it... out of this world yummy. You will ALWAYS find chips and salsa in our pantry- ALWAYS.

3. Not happy about my husbands new schedule... I am affraid it's going to hurt our relationship. I thought he worked a lot before, didn't think it was possible for him to work a minute more- but oh yes, apparently it is... this is the biggest random moment on my mind. It's taking up too much space in my brain and I don't like it one iota.

4. How is my baby going to be 2, I mean really---- seriously 2?????

5. Can I actually get preggos again, I mean one feels like a lot... I thought I had baby fever, but it left me. Baby Fever PLEASE come back, I will need you to help me do it all over again. Ummm being preggos is somthing I am not fond of. I mean who loves hanging their head over a toilet bowl and then having to go change a poopy diaper.. um really 2? Can I DO IT?

6. I dream of living in the islands(BVI's).

7. Margaritas are my favorite cocktail of all time. Freshly made ones, no bottle mix- simple syrup and lime juice!

8. I have a difficult time sensoring myself.

9. Why do my doggies always have to toot while I am working in my office, I mean seriously guys.

10. I love family time, I mean I used to be the going out type of lady- but being a wife, and a mommy is pretty great. I do from time to time think of all those great memories, but I wouldn't change where I am in my life for a minute(minus Brad's hours)!

So lovely bloggy friends, what random thoughts are going through your minds????

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