Saturday, April 10, 2010

Veggie Garden...

CRAZY gorgeous weather... late night trip to home depot, and my dad visiting = A VEGGIE GARDEN!!!

I am soooo super excited! My very VERY VERY FIRST Veggie Garden! The hubster picked up the wood and Dad is driving down from Jersey and building me a gardening box! My two favorite guys!

Since the hubster works an insane amount, my dad generously agreed to come for a visit, AND assemble the garden! Who cares if I had to use Charlotte as bait,!?!? We have 16, 8 foot railroad ties... so that should build a decent sized garden(I think)!

SOOOOO bloggers... what shall I PLANT? Mind you I am a gardener, a FLOWER gardener- but I have NO CLUE with regards to veggies! Any ADVICE would be greatly appreciated!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. That veggie pic is so cute! As for veggie garden (I'm not one either) but I vote for cherry tomatoes!

  2. I'm trying my hand at veggies for the first time this year and decided to plant what we eat most...variety of berries, 2 kinds of tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans, broccoli, and a handful of herbs (in individual pots). May through in some sweet potatoes for good measure :)

  3. I love gardening! It's so therapeutic and rewarding! I started last year. Peppers and tomatoes are pretty easy to grow. I also tried broccoli, lettuce and arugula. Caterpillars love to eat those leafy veggies especially broccoli leaves, so make sure you have your pests under control! I also plant a bunch of herbs. At the end of the season when your plants start to dry, don't forget to save your seeds for next year! Have fun and Good luck!

  4. I think Zucchini(sp?) and squash sound good to me. I love fresh veggies!

  5. Last year was our first! Broccoli (agree, caterpillar ISSUES), Zucchini & Squash and tomatoes will HOG space - TOTALLY cage your tomatoes from the start too. jalapenos, bell peppers and hot peppers do well in just a pot to save garden room...herbs grow fab - just don't overcrowd - that's my 2 cents from year one... year two is maturing in a rolling greenhouse cart from Lowes!

    Hugs Kim @
    party inspiration

  6. Wow, how exciting. I wish I could help! I have two black thumbs. Sigh.

  7. heirloom toms...theyarethe best and cherry toms too, yum! peppers and zucchini and squash are all pretty fail proof too, good luck, you will love it!

  8. I am jealous!! Keep us updated ... very cool

  9. oh my gosh guys, thanks for all the tips and veggie suggestions!


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