Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chocolate + Potato Chips...

One Word: AMAZING!

I decided I would try these out for Charli's Birthday party...
ummmm OUT OF CONTROL! Like, talking to me from the kitchen good. Commmmme EAT ME NOW good! Definitely had way too many good.

I mean I am the head taste tester and all- SOOO I had NO choice.

PLUS SO SIMPLE! Double boiler, dark chocolate, butter, and a TINY splash of 1/2&1/2!

These will def be at her party!

UPDATE: FREEZE THEM! Seriously... place them in the freezer and OMG INSANE TIMES A MILLION!

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  1. Seriously amazing, this is my first time ever having them- and OH MY GOSH GOOD!

  2. Loooove choco chips...beat choco pretzels in my book hands down (and I love choco pretzels)!!

  3. Oh my gosh. I am sold. Must.Try.Tomorrow.

  4. Looks like the best PMS food evah! This is one brilliant idea whose time has come.

  5. umm... these look unbelievable!!!

  6. chocolate dipped chips are super delicious!

  7. Salty + Sweet means I am DEF going to have to try these babies!!

  8. Yum!! I can't wait to try these. My husband will love them!!! :)


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