Monday, June 7, 2010

2 NO Fuss Party Dishes!

Here are two dished I love to serve at parties! Why, you ask?!? Both of these dishes may be made in advance and are super simple!

Grilled London Broil Sandwiches
Marinate london broil in worcestershire sauce and a nice spice rub. I use awake a steak, which is sold at Fresh Market. Marinate a few hours. Grill, let meat rest, then slice. Add some extra worcestershire sauce and let sit overnight. On the day of the event, slice and saute some onions with butter, pepper, and salt. Place beef on a nice plate, and top with onions!

Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Marinate chicken in some yummy bbq sauce for a few hours and then grill. Let the chicken cool and then begin slicing. Add some more bbq sauce to the mixture and place in fridge. Chop up some cilantro and purchase some nice gorgonzola cheese!

Shortly before the party guests arrive, place chicken on a nice plate, drizzle with spicy bbq sauce, top with cilantro and gorgonzola! Place next to some cut rolls and allow guest to prepare their own sandwiches.

These dishes are seriously a HIT! Plus so beyond simple!

P.S. The party was fabulous, will post pics when I get them from the photographer! Thank you for all your sweet comments regarding the event!

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  1. I love to serve london broil that way at parties too! The chicken looks even better though;o)

  2. Loooove these ideas! I like to add some bleu cheese crumbles and chopped dried cranberries to my chilled London Broil sammies ;)


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