Friday, June 11, 2010

A Sweet First Birthday Party!

tulle pom poms bake your own cupcake tags

I absolutely love when PBD customers send me party pics!!!I just had to share this party with you and this super crazy cute idea...

"Every month I took a picture of Giulia with a cupcake. Hence, me
having to have a cupcake theme for her first birthday!"

What a great idea Mom!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone...

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  1. very cute! i love the cupcake-tini! :)

  2. Cute!! I love the cupcake pinata!!

  3. aw I love it...what a great party!

  4. What a lovely party! I love the theme and color motif. I'm sure your baby had really a wonderful day celebrating her birthday.

  5. How cute! If I had a girl I would soooo throw a cupcake party!


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