Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Classic Baby Shower invites...

You all know how much I love baby showers, really! So designing invites for a shower, so so super fun! However, these two invites took me forever. I actually went to sleep with them on the screen and came back to the computer this morning!

The concept of the invite was designed with my good friend Erica in mind. She is expecting a baby in January, and has a very classic style.

What do you all think, one for a baby boy and the other for a baby girl!?!

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  1. AWWWWW THANKS SO MUCH I DO LOVE THEM!!!!! It makes me tear up!!!! xoxoxo Erica

  2. These invitations are so adorable. I would totally use these for a friend’s baby shower… : )

  3. Since I am Erica's Aunt, I have to say the invitations are "Wonderful". This is such a exciting time for her, it is really nice of you to make her feel even more special!


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