Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Date Night...

Yes, you read that right... this lady has a hot date with her hubster this evening! I am crazy uuuuuubbbbber excited!

Dinner and a movie... with the movie being ECLIPSE!
Have you all seen the movie yet? Is it good?!?

OMG I am so excited... so excited that minutes feel like hours.

P.S. Check out these two new invites now listed at PBD!

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  1. Have fun on Date night. Mine's tomorrow!

  2. we saw it at the premiere midnight showing with thousand of screaming teenage girls-it was fun & my favorite of the three.

  3. Have fun! I haven't seen it yet but I may go solo this week! Sad none of my friends are Twilight fans!

    Love the firetruck invitation! VERY CUTE!


  4. Have a great time! I just saw Eclipse last week and it is awesome! Can't wait for the last movies to come out.

  5. The movie is great! Went to the midnight showing & had a blast... hope you enjoy!

    Melissa ;)

  6. even your Grammy loved the movie..saw all of them.

  7. First off - I love that your husband is seeing it with you. My husband would probably never see that with me! Secondly - Team Edward 4 Life!

  8. woohoo, have a fun date!!! I just saw Eclipse again for the 4th time... I know... I'm obsessed! Hope you love it too.

  9. Hope you had a good time. What did you think of the movie??


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