Monday, July 12, 2010

Jury Duty... My Experience

As you all know, last week I served on jury duty for 3 days. 3 extremely long days. Serving jury duty in Baltimore City was nothing short of an awful experience, each day being worse then the first. Thankfully, it was 3 days and no more.

The judge was the rudest person I have ever encountered. His questions in open court were quite personal and intrusive during the jury selection. Asking each possible juror if they were married or single, if married what their husbands occupation was, what level of education they received as of yet and their current job. Many prospective jurors were forced to answer a very awkward question, many admitting they were divorced or separated, some not graduating high school. To me, I truly can't see how being married would effect my capabilities as a juror. Ridiculous!

After being selected, I expressed to the judge that my husband worked in the evenings and I was the provider for my child. He did not care. So, I who am a rule following citizen, a person who provides and cares for my child doesn't matter, a citizen who pays their taxes!

During court the juror next to me was texting- TEXTING... and falling asleep! Amazing to me. I leaned over and the judge promptly asked me to sit up, yes sit up. Clearly texting and falling asleep is more acceptable then leaning over to stretch. WOW! Our last day in court, we were asked to be there at 9:25am and proceeded until close to 7pm, not once were we offered a lunch break.

My experience as a juror felt more like what I envision it would feel like as a prisoner. You eat when you are told, you drink when you are told, you have bathroom breaks when you are told, if you have children- it does not matter. If you have an emergency, who cares.

Overall, a very souring experience.

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  1. Yikes, that sounds AWFUL! Glad it's over and the good news is (always trying to find a silver lining) you probably won't be selected again since you've "done your time".. ;)


  2. Wow, your experience sounds TERRIBLE. It sounds like you were treated more like a criminal.

  3. ew yuck that sounds awful!!!! Glad it's over!

  4. That really was bad, Yuck!
    I'm glad your back and surrounded by your pretty things again. We wouldn't want any of that creativity being squelched by that God Awful Judge.

  5. That sounds TERRIBLE. Think of it this way - that will hopefully be your last time in a while for jury duty. You're a survivor girl ;)


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