Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jury Duty = One Annoyed Lady!

Sooooo I totally realize I have been MIA! Sorry guys... so busy with PBD stuff, which is beyond fabulous- MUCH thanks to all my shoppers!

HOWEVER, today I spent the entire - E.N.T.I.R.E day at the court house, thinking what are the actual chances I would be called to sit as a juror. WELL.......... apparently my chances were super high.

I am now juror number 5, beyond annoyed! Soooo needless to say, my turn around time on decor will be slightly delayed by a day or two. Sorry guys!

Buuuut I can't leave without some eye candy!!! How crazy cute is this new invite?!?Hope you all had a fab 4th, and I sooooo realize I also need to pick a winner for the give away and what a fab give away this was!

The LUCKY DUCKY WINNER IS...... Caycee of Hanging with the Hewitts! Caycee, you didn't leave an email addy, so be sure to contact me or My Sunshine Designs!

Hope you are all having the best week ever!

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  1. I'm sorry about Jury duty, that's no fun! I will be serving up your cupcaketini's this weekend,I am excited!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new invite! I love thos colors together!

    Sorry about jury duty :(

  3. Yay! Iam so happy I won!! this is my first win :)

  4. O yes and my email


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