Monday, July 19, 2010


Simply put, we need more.

We bought our charming little cottage home 4 years ago. The minute I saw it, I fell in love. Exposed brick, original wood floors, a slate patio, wood burning fire place... a 1940's home that needed a little love. We have given it love, but as much love as we give this space, the one thing we can't do is add more square footage. Now mind you, we can add some- but not as much as we need.

For many more reasons than I can share on this little blog, we most likely will need to move(not 100% sure just yet). Move is a small four letter word, packed with a ton of emotion. Even as I type this post, tears swell in my eyes.

I love this little home. This home has been brought to life, by two people who fell in love, who created a sweet little baby girl, grew a garden, painted until the wee hours of the night, built a pond where life grew even more, a deck and a porch... so many amazing memories. Memories I will forever cherish.

However, as much as we love this space, we can't seem to find a way to make it work.

Soooo this home of ours recently received a visit from a lovely realtor, and in turn we have visited some NOT SO LOVELY homes.

I am worried... concerned that our "new" home doesn't exist! Honestly people, and Realtors listing these homes... ONE WORD- HGTV!

The problem is, I love old homes. Homes built from the 1940's and later. Homes with character, and charm- or so I thought. The homes we saw yesterday, had all the charm on the outside- BUT the minute we stepped inside... YUCK. So much Y.U.C.K I couldn't even breath!

Anyhooo, I warn you my fabulous bloggy readers... this blog may take a bit of a spin from time to time and you may find yourself reading about the trials and tribulations of house hunting and selling! Deep breath...


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