Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Life" VENT Post

S.T.R.E.S.S! MY LEAST favorite feeling.

Charli is starting preschool this week... totally excited/nervous about that! What I am not excited about is HOW MUCH the school is closed. The school we are enrolling her in is fabulous, but a private religious school- soooooooo they are off on ALL the Holidays and then the basic calendar ones. UGH!

In the month of September they are closed 6 DAYS... S.I.X!


As I peruse the upcoming months- my stomach hurts just thinking about how many days I will either have to take off(I work full time aside from PBD), or try and find child care.

I think we shall start playing the lottery!


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  1. i totally feel your pain. we wanted to put neely in private school...but the holidays, shorter hours, and all the "volunteer time" they wanted us to put in was just too much for working parents to do. i hate to say it but i live in the burbs and all the women around here will turn their nose up to you and say "oh you're one of those wooorking moms". Yes I am...i couldn't stay home for all the money in the world. i need to be out and doing something for myself, and it's much easier than being a sahm i'm sure...but that doesn't mean my child should not be able to have the things that the sahm's kids get because they are able to "be off" and "spend time at the school passing out cookies" on the upside my boss has allowed me shorter hours starting in a few weeks to focus more on my family and being the pta mom. *sigh* i wish you the best of luck with all those days off...might try a highschool kid that goes to the same school and is off those days to "nanny" for you.

  2. First off, I didn't know that you worked full time in addition to all your fabulous design work. You are crazy busy and still manage to make such beautiful designs! It's very inspiring to me :)


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