Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Shore, Twilight, Pre-School, PBD...

We had a fabulous time at the shore... incredible weather! Charlotte looooved the water, playing in the sand, and just running on the beach- overall a great family vacay!

I had hoped to read more on the beach, but with a two year old... not entirely possible. Which is a major bummer because- UMMMMM Bella is preggos- O.M.G! didn't see that one coming. Hush on further details as I have not read past this point... but WOW I MUUUUST find time!

Plus I just can't believe the Summer is coming to an end and my baby girl will be starting pre-school/daycare! Honestly... where has the time gone?!? This Summer has just flown by. We have back to school night this week, I am anxious and excited.

Ohhhh and I have also been working on some fabulous parties/showers... hope the Mommies send party pics! Hint Hint...
You can also find loads of new invites over at Party Box Design... Anyhoo... back to work and wishing everyone a crazy great week!

P.S. The beer margaritas were awesome!

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  1. glad you had fun on your vacay. Those pics are so cute! You are just getting to the good part with Breaking Dawn!! I won't spoil it, but keep reading! : )

  2. Sweet pictures. I agree with Ashley above...keep reading! LOVE "Erica's Baby" invite - so stylish.


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