Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bathroom Boo-Boo, Halloween & True Blood...

With the Halloween Party upon us... we have a BIG issue that needs to be addressed!
Remember this?!? Well, today is the day and I can't wait! Since the "incident" I have avoided this bathroom-lol!

Charli is lucky she is so gosh darn cute!We are putting up beadboard and I am ubbbber excited! Hopefully this project doesn't take too much time!

Ohhhh and I am really torn with which water bottle label to go with... maybe I will just use all three! Which one do you like most?
One more thing... I love the show True Blood and just had to share this ubbber creative party, courtesy of Jackie Fo! Head on over to Jackie's Blog, you will love it! Her blog is one of my faves to read... she is an amazing writer!

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