Thursday, September 2, 2010

FIRST Day of Preschool

baby shower invitations

No tears... Daddy snuck out after a quick kiss on her head and hopefully smooth sailing from here on out!

My tummy does feel a bit wishy wooooooshy thinking about her being in a new place for the entire day and not being there to calm her fears, if she were to have any!

This Mommmy gig is tough!

Please also send out some prayers if you could for my Grammy. She is having heart surgery tomorrow and we could use all the extra prayers! We love you Grammy!

Anyhoooo, happy almost Friday everyone... ohhh & here are a few cute new baby shower invites!baby shower invitesP.S. I "think" I may actually be catching baby fever again! With Charlotte starting preschool & all these baby shower invites! Let's see how long it lasts-lol!

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  1. love that font you used!
    She's so cute on her 1st day!

  2. She seems so happy and confident on her first day ... Did you cry? I've cried!
    Count on my prayers in Brasil.

  3. Jess- mega prayers being sent your way as well as strength!


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