Friday, October 29, 2010

Heath Insurance... total BULL SH** Fundraising Event

First off, we have health insurance... and pay a freaking arm and a leg for it. Oh yes, $800 FRIGGEN BUCKS A MONTH kinda HEALTH INSURANCE! O.M.G that is JUST SHY OF 10K A YEAR!

Anyhooooo I think I have, well pretty sure I have MY FIRST CAVITY!

Well, I have a dentist, I don't like her... I want to switch. SIMPLE RIGHT?!?


Soooooo a friend says, ohhh I have this great dentist you will love her... here is her contact info.


They answer, first ring- love it already! WELL... guess what they DO NOT ACCEPT HMO'S! SERIOUSLY... so the 10k we pay as a family each year isn't enough?!?

WOW... but guess what yall???? We have the option to PAY MORE and upgrade to a PP0! Gosh, how nice right???

I JUST DO NOT GET IT! How is it possible that I can't simply go to any dentist I want to have a possible cavity taken care of, when as a family we pay just under 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR?

A SIMPLE CAVITY... something so simple cant be resolved, why would we expect something major, something life changing to be covered?

Which brings me to this fundraising event... PLEASE GO ENTER and help out this sweet little girl! PBD is sponsoring a super awesome give away to help raise funds for this sweetie! Plus some majorly awesome other vendors are also doing their part.

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NEW to Party Box Design!

photo thank you cards

I am so excited to finally be offering thank you cards! I have done a few custom designs, but didn't have any listed on the site!lady bug thank you cardWell... can it get any cuter- a birthday photo from your child's party, placed into a THANK YOU Photo Card?!? So fun! I think a cupcake covered face would be ubbbbbber cute!

OOOOhhhhh, have you checked out any of our new Holiday Designs?!? We have quite a few listed on the invitesP.S. I can't believe it's FRIDAY... this week has FLOWN by!

Is everyone READY for Halloween?!? Let's hope Charli decides to actually wear her costume this time... maybe a bribe is in store... like "hey kid, you want candy?!? UMMMmmm you best be putting on that cupcake costume that Mommy bought you!" LOLHave a great weekend everyone!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky Sweet Treats Halloween Party

halloween party

We could not have had a nicer day, with better weather! The party was just perfect, minus the fact that the only child without a costume, was MY OWN! Ohhhhh YES, Charli would NOT, WOULD NOT put her cute cupcake costume on. Here is the proof... ALL the other children could not have been more precious!INCLUDING our Costume Contest winner!!!halloween party ideas Sooooo many yummy treats!halloween party ideas
AND a very spooky chic bar!!!! With some beyond fab cocktails...
OHHHH and some witches brew as well! There was of course a scarecrow, to keep the kiddos in check! AND a guest from a few years back! What Halloween party would be complete without some MONSTER TOES AND Frankenstein! Overall, a fantastic party!!!! p.s. There are no watermarks on these photos, so please if you post this party(and you all know I LOOOOVE features), be sure to give credit where it is due!

Oh and here is a link to all the amazing party vendors!

Plus the lovely lady who took these great pics, Ashley Hay!

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The Flowers... DIY

DIY Flower Ideas

ANYONE... I promise you, anyone can do this arrangement!

Supplies: 4 Dozen Grocery Store Roses(yes, these very roses are from the grocery store), Tall Vase(from a craft store), Rubber Bands, Sticks(from your yard) and any type of decorative ribbon or crinkly paper!

Directions: Fill the vase with water and looooong thin sticks. You need to allow the sticks to soak up water so they will bed around your vase. I suggest letting them soak for about an hour. Then poor out the water, bend your sticks around your vase and then add fresh water!DIY Flower Ideas Now, cut the stems and leaves off all your roses and begin creating a ball of roses with 3 of the dozen and tie with rubber bands until you have one big mass! Stick your rose ball into the tap of your vase and wow... AMAZING! Now with the remaining dozen, fill in any gaps! So simple and inexpensive with a BIG WOW FACTOR!

I really wanted the arrangement to have a rustic yet chic feel, for the rose stems to look like they are wrapping around the vase! Gosh, I love flowers!

Let me know if any of you try this arrangement!

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Party Vendors{then pics}!

I honestly can't say enough nice things about all these amazing vendors! Some I have used before and some are new... but bottom line they deserve a MAJOR shout out!!!

So much thanks... really!

1. Pom Flair: Crazy perfect pom poms, really transformed our space! She offers awesome colors and was so very sweet to work with! The party would not have been the same without them!

2. The Cookie Jar: So beyond talented there really are no words other then, are you serious... yes those are cookies and you CAN eat them, I promise... they are REAL! Lisa totally matched my invitation, to my cookies- WOW! A true gift and I ate my last hidden cookie today, which was saved just for ME!

3. Lolligals: Amazing chocolate shop, her items are just gorgeous. The chocolate lollipops were a total hit! I used them in my cupcakes, as a change up and they were just perfect! They also work as amazing favors. Don't even get me started on the taste... Beck I attribute 5 lbs to you lady!

4. Sue's Gift Box & Sweet Shoppe: Sue, your chocolate covered Oreo eyeballs, pretzels and marshmallows were out of control! The eyeballs were my fave and sooooo perfect for the party. When I say perfect, I mean like insanely the most perfect eyeballs! I especially loved walking around asking guests if they would like an EYEBALL! LOL!!!

5. Fort and Field: Girl, I heart you and your shop... really, what would I possibly do without your cute Halloween cups, straws, cupcake wrappers and favor bags?!? You are my go to shop... and will forever be! Fort and Field is one of my all time favorite go to places for party wares and the nicest shop owner you could meet! Thanks Lady, you have insane taste!

6. Bottle Your Brand: So you all know about my obsession with BYB... and I have gone on and on about how fab they are, well because THEY ARE! I love their product and their labels, TOP NOTCH. Thanks BYB!

7. Robert Johnson: A long time friend and the most amazing pumpkin carver around!!!! He would be so perfect for Fall weddings. Rob actually made 3 pumpkins for the event and made one to match our invites. Ultra talented and gosh rob, start a blog or something so I can link up-lol!

8. Lindsey Shevkun: My insanely talented SISTER!!! An artist and the lady who painted 10, YES 10 pumpkins for the party. Ohhhh not only did she paint them, but she CUT THEM OUT! Linds is an INSANE artist and you MUST check out her site. Love you Linny LOO!

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Picture Day: Ashley Hay Photography

I am soooo crazy over the moon excited for today, why... because it's picture day- the day Ashley will deliver her oh so fab photos!!!

I can't say enough nice things about Ashley, she was amazing and one of the nicest people you could ever meet! The minute I met her, it felt like we had been friends for years!

Her pictures are amazing and if you live in the Baltimore area, you must contact her. I expressed what type of photos I was looking for and from the proofs she sent over Sunday... she nailed it!

Ohhh she also has a fb fan page, so be sure to become a fan!

Anyhooo... can't wait to share the party pics with you! This party really was my fave yet, filled with many DIY ideas!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Copy Cats... NOT A FAN!

Well... it was bound to happen, just didn't think it would be a previous customer! Had this issue in the past and here it is popping up AGAIN!

Not a fan and def don't like getting emails asking, "Jess... your invites look so great, what paper do you use, oh and what printer do you use, oh and I love that image where did you happen to get it?"

When you planned on launching your own site. SERIOUSLY!?!?

I have spent OOOOOOooodles upon ooooodles of hours researching, blood sweat and tears... this lil dream of MINE, for you to shoot me an email and expect me to just be like YES, HERE... please let me share all my info with you!

Gosh your etsy listings are practically verbatim to mine, changing 2 words does not count!

Be Original...

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sneak Peek Party Pics...

Well... the party was a total success, fun had by all! The weather was AMAZING, the cocktails perfect, kids in costumes... out of control cute, yummy food and sweet treats galore!So many amazing vendors to share with you and a crazy fab photographer, Ashley Hay!Overall, I rate this as our best event yet!!! Will post all the party pics once I get them... dying to see the rest! Oh and vendor reviews, shops you must check out... why, umm because they are crazy amazing!Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!!

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