Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Candy Caramel Apple Bites...

How crazy amazing are these? When perusing the web, searching for the PERFECT caramel apples... I came across these sweet lil goodies! NOW these, will be PERFECT for our Halloween Partay!

They "seem" rather easy...

1. Purchase a bag of soft and hard Werthers Original Candies! I may try mixing the hard candy with reg caramel squares and add a teaspoon of vanilla.

2. Crush hard candies with a rolling pin and then melt a fifty fifty mix of hard and soft Werthers in a pan over a low heat.

3. Then use a melon baller to scoop out chunks of apple, place on a cocktail stick and arrange balls on a piece of wax paper. Then take the melted caramel mixture and drizzle apple bites!

I just love the idea of grab and go yummy treats during a childrens party. Kids are mobile and parents need to be as well! Mmmmm, think I will do a test run prior to the event!

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  1. LOVE the way those look YUM!! Link them up to my Halloween recipe search :) it starts today!

  2. Those look amazing! Let us know if they are as easy to make as they seem!!

  3. Oh wow. Those are so pretty! I wonder how hard the clean up would be. You must keep us posted!

  4. I will def have to try these out guys! Def a neat take on candy apples!

  5. these are FANTASTIC!!!!! I'm so in love. Can't wait to try them!!

  6. ahh this is such a great idea!! i am hopefully going apple picking this weekend so i will be sure to try this one :) thanks for the inspiration!


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