Friday, October 29, 2010

Heath Insurance... total BULL SH** Fundraising Event

First off, we have health insurance... and pay a freaking arm and a leg for it. Oh yes, $800 FRIGGEN BUCKS A MONTH kinda HEALTH INSURANCE! O.M.G that is JUST SHY OF 10K A YEAR!

Anyhooooo I think I have, well pretty sure I have MY FIRST CAVITY!

Well, I have a dentist, I don't like her... I want to switch. SIMPLE RIGHT?!?


Soooooo a friend says, ohhh I have this great dentist you will love her... here is her contact info.


They answer, first ring- love it already! WELL... guess what they DO NOT ACCEPT HMO'S! SERIOUSLY... so the 10k we pay as a family each year isn't enough?!?

WOW... but guess what yall???? We have the option to PAY MORE and upgrade to a PP0! Gosh, how nice right???

I JUST DO NOT GET IT! How is it possible that I can't simply go to any dentist I want to have a possible cavity taken care of, when as a family we pay just under 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR?

A SIMPLE CAVITY... something so simple cant be resolved, why would we expect something major, something life changing to be covered?

Which brings me to this fundraising event... PLEASE GO ENTER and help out this sweet little girl! PBD is sponsoring a super awesome give away to help raise funds for this sweetie! Plus some majorly awesome other vendors are also doing their part.

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  1. It does stink! I hope your cavity isn't bugging you too much. If you aren't wimpy like I am you can call the dental school if there is one in your area.. they do em free out here!

  2. Hi Brittanie... thanks! I have health care, just not a fan that I cant see the dentist I want vs one covered on my hmo!

  3. we are self employed and pay $1100 a month for ins. By the time you meet your deductiables, ins company has soaked you

  4. That is absolutely crazy!! You know how I feel about the insurance companies being fair...truly criminal. Thanks for posting about the giveaway, and making it possible! :)


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