Friday, October 29, 2010

NEW to Party Box Design!

photo thank you cards

I am so excited to finally be offering thank you cards! I have done a few custom designs, but didn't have any listed on the site!lady bug thank you cardWell... can it get any cuter- a birthday photo from your child's party, placed into a THANK YOU Photo Card?!? So fun! I think a cupcake covered face would be ubbbbbber cute!

OOOOhhhhh, have you checked out any of our new Holiday Designs?!? We have quite a few listed on the invitesP.S. I can't believe it's FRIDAY... this week has FLOWN by!

Is everyone READY for Halloween?!? Let's hope Charli decides to actually wear her costume this time... maybe a bribe is in store... like "hey kid, you want candy?!? UMMMmmm you best be putting on that cupcake costume that Mommy bought you!" LOLHave a great weekend everyone!

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