Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Party Vendors{then pics}!

I honestly can't say enough nice things about all these amazing vendors! Some I have used before and some are new... but bottom line they deserve a MAJOR shout out!!!

So much thanks... really!

1. Pom Flair: Crazy perfect pom poms, really transformed our space! She offers awesome colors and was so very sweet to work with! The party would not have been the same without them!

2. The Cookie Jar: So beyond talented there really are no words other then, are you serious... yes those are cookies and you CAN eat them, I promise... they are REAL! Lisa totally matched my invitation, to my cookies- WOW! A true gift and I ate my last hidden cookie today, which was saved just for ME!

3. Lolligals: Amazing chocolate shop, her items are just gorgeous. The chocolate lollipops were a total hit! I used them in my cupcakes, as a change up and they were just perfect! They also work as amazing favors. Don't even get me started on the taste... Beck I attribute 5 lbs to you lady!

4. Sue's Gift Box & Sweet Shoppe: Sue, your chocolate covered Oreo eyeballs, pretzels and marshmallows were out of control! The eyeballs were my fave and sooooo perfect for the party. When I say perfect, I mean like insanely the most perfect eyeballs! I especially loved walking around asking guests if they would like an EYEBALL! LOL!!!

5. Fort and Field: Girl, I heart you and your shop... really, what would I possibly do without your cute Halloween cups, straws, cupcake wrappers and favor bags?!? You are my go to shop... and will forever be! Fort and Field is one of my all time favorite go to places for party wares and the nicest shop owner you could meet! Thanks Lady, you have insane taste!

6. Bottle Your Brand: So you all know about my obsession with BYB... and I have gone on and on about how fab they are, well because THEY ARE! I love their product and their labels, TOP NOTCH. Thanks BYB!

7. Robert Johnson: A long time friend and the most amazing pumpkin carver around!!!! He would be so perfect for Fall weddings. Rob actually made 3 pumpkins for the event and made one to match our invites. Ultra talented and gosh rob, start a blog or something so I can link up-lol!

8. Lindsey Shevkun: My insanely talented SISTER!!! An artist and the lady who painted 10, YES 10 pumpkins for the party. Ohhhh not only did she paint them, but she CUT THEM OUT! Linds is an INSANE artist and you MUST check out her site. Love you Linny LOO!

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  1. Thanks! I am glad your mid-day soiree was such a hit. I really enjoyed creating poms for you.


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