Saturday, October 9, 2010


holiday photo cards

After oooodles of product research, not the "fun" side of running a biz... I can finally announce that Party Box Design will be offering Holiday Photo Cards; on fabulous glossy photo paper!holiday photo cardsWe only have a few designs listed... however, MANY MORE to come!

PBD will also be offering Holiday Party Invites!holiday photo cards

P.S. Please be sure to enter our current give away... which ends TOMORROW!Have a crazy fab weekend everyone!!! I have oooodles of PBD orders to work on and a birthday party with my sweet little Charli P!

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  1. YAY! Congrats, Jess!! I know where my Christmas cards are coming from! : )

  2. awww thanks Cari!!! You are so sweet!

  3. YAY so fun, I will defiantly get my Christmas cards from PBD!! Now to just get a good family picture...thats the hard part!! :)

  4. they are so darn cute! I am always blown away by how you manage your time!!

  5. Thanks Lady... I work LONG hours, non stop between 6:30am-11/12!


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