Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky Sweet Treats Halloween Party

halloween party

We could not have had a nicer day, with better weather! The party was just perfect, minus the fact that the only child without a costume, was MY OWN! Ohhhhh YES, Charli would NOT, WOULD NOT put her cute cupcake costume on. Here is the proof... ALL the other children could not have been more precious!INCLUDING our Costume Contest winner!!!halloween party ideas Sooooo many yummy treats!halloween party ideas
AND a very spooky chic bar!!!! With some beyond fab cocktails...
OHHHH and some witches brew as well! There was of course a scarecrow, to keep the kiddos in check! AND a guest from a few years back! What Halloween party would be complete without some MONSTER TOES AND Frankenstein! Overall, a fantastic party!!!! p.s. There are no watermarks on these photos, so please if you post this party(and you all know I LOOOOVE features), be sure to give credit where it is due!

Oh and here is a link to all the amazing party vendors!

Plus the lovely lady who took these great pics, Ashley Hay!

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