Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooooky Halloween Bar... progress pics!

Saturday will be here before I know it... the day of our "Budget Friendly" Halloween Party!

Now mind you, I have acquired quite a few party throwing items, so to help me save money I will be re-using these items... but giving them an updated look!

I also mentioned that I had planned to spend this past weekend thrift shopping and boy oh boy did this lady SCORE!When I saw this gem of a find, I just knew it would be perfect!

This buffet was ONLY $60! Yes, you read that right! With a lil sanding(done), stain(done), paint and hardware I am going to make this baby beautiful... spooky chic actually!!!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!! Ohhh and if you have any finds you would like to share, plllllease post your links below! I loooove refinishing furniture, when I find the time!

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  1. Cannot wait to see the finished product!!

  2. thanks lady... me too! i have no idea how incorporating the teal will look!!!

  3. Love it! I posted a quick little side table we spray-painted this weekend! Only $10 at the local ReUse store!

  4. Oh you are adding teal! I'm on the edge of my seat to see the finale : )

  5. That is great! I can't wait to see you pull it all together. I wish I could just invite myself maybe I'll come as a fly on the wall :)
    I love that you are doing this on a budget, I think these turn out the best, fun and real :)
    Keep the updates coming.

  6. You gotta give us a preview of your Halloween Party!!

  7. you are so my kind of party girl:)

    cant wait to see how this all turns out!


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